Senator Ted Harvey Endorses Jill Romann for Coroner
Ted Harvey with Jill Romann“Jill has a deep sense of integrity, honesty, and character. She is a woman of strong faith. As the current Deputy Coroner Jill brings the valuable experience this office demands and our community deserves. I wholeheartedly endorse Jill’s candidacy.”

Senator Ted Harvey

(Republican-Douglas County)

John Plunkett, M.D. Laboratory and Forensics Medicine Associates

“I am a general and forensic pathologist. I have known Jill Romann for over twenty-five years and worked with her from approximately 1990 until 2005. I was the appointed Coroner for the Minnesota Regional Coroner’s Office from 1978 until 1998, and the Assistant Coroner from 1999 until I retired at the end of 2005. The office performed death investigation for seven Minnesota counties with a total population of approximately 750,000. Jill, who has a degree in Mortuary Science, initially worked with me as an autopsy assistant and investigator. Subsequently, she became the Chief Investigator for the office.

As an investigator, Jill was responsible for going to the scene of a death; obtaining medical and social history through interaction with law enforcement, medical personnel, and the family; and making an initial determination as to disposition, i.e., whether an autopsy should be performed as part of the investigation. As Chief Investigator, she was also responsible for the daily operation of the office, including the evaluation and supervision of the other investigators.

It is my opinion that she has excellent leadership talents and has unquestioned integrity and personal accountability. She would be a great Douglas County Coroner.”

Daniel Davis, Forensic Pathologist

I became a forensic pathologist at about the same time Jill became a medical death investigator (1991) and worked with her on a daily basis for about 10-15 years. Without reservation, I can vouch for her skill level, character, sincerity, motivation, resourcefulness, and work ethic that makes her uniquely qualified for the position of Douglas County Coroner. My understanding is that she also gained management experience in medical death investigation since we worked together. The office of Coroner is a very important community function that interfaces with law enforcement, the legal system, and most importantly, surviving family members. I have seen Jill work with all of these groups with skill and compassion. Having transplanted several times in my own career, I highly recommend Jill’s varied work experience in several offices as a huge potential asset for the next Coroner of Douglas County. Jill’s exposure in several offices to different physicians, investigators, and support staff will bring a fresh approach and more problem solving options to the job that only comes with that kind of previous experience. I give Jill Romann my highest recommendation for the position of Douglas County Coroner.

Shawn Wilson, American Board of Medicolegal Investigators

“Does the mere fact that Jill Romann has 23 years of experience investigating deaths make her qualified to be Coroner? You can be the judge of that. What I can say for certain is that over the past 14 years, I have worked with and been mentored by Jill Romann as a death investigator and mass fatality responder. I have personally observed her consistent, disciplined and compassionate approach to independent death investigations.

Jill Romann believes in and represents the mission and standards established by the American Board of Death Investigators. She is an independent thinker who has the fortitude to make decisions based on the facts, not the court of public opinion. She is a true caretaker of the dead. I previously endorsed Jill for the Chief Investigator position because I believe she has the technical knowledge and resiliency to be a stabilizing, long term fixture in the Douglas County Coroner’s Office, and a great addition to the community. She has brought a wide breath of experience and demonstrable skills from a large metropolitan jurisdiction and a smaller regional office, where she excelled as the Senior Investigator. I wholeheartedly endorse Jill Romann for Douglas County Coroner”

 Peter Palmer, Police Officer and Coroner Investigator

“My name is Peter Palmer. I am writing this as an endorsement for Jill Romann as Coroner for Douglas County.

I was employed for nine years as a police officer in a large suburban police department on the outskirts of Minneapolis and I worked for an outlaying sheriff’s department for 9 years after that. At that time I had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Romann when I attended death that occurred in either of those jurisdictions. At that time, Ms. Romann was working as an overnight lead investigator for a major metropolitan medical examiner’s office. Ms. Romann’s responsibilities at that time included responding the law enforcement’s requests to assist them in death investigations and she was responsible to 33 different cities. I later had the opportunity to work as a coroner investigator in a multi-county system that served six Minnesota counties. Jill Romann was the supervisor for all 30 investigators ensuring all aspects of the medical examiner investigation were timely, complete and thorough while simultaneously working hand-in-hand with law enforcement, funeral homes, tissue donation agencies and most importantly families. Jill has an excellent working relationship with law enforcement. I believe that Jill Romann is an excellent candidate for coroner and she would provide that compassionate leadership that the citizens of Douglas County deserve and expect.”

Robert Norton  Parker Funeral Home

The staff at Parker Funeral Home has worked very well with Jill. She holds licenses in the coroners field and funeral industry. Licensees are constantly checked and reviewed on their professional ethics and standards. She has proven herself proficient.

We look forward for her to carry on what Lora Thomas has set in place as Douglas County Coroner. We highly recommend Jill to be elected Douglas County Coroner.

Navid Amini  Medical Examiner Investigator

“I have known Jill for 2 years and worked under her as a Medical Examiner Investigator. I am a BSN nurse and Reserve Police Officer so I pride myself on being a good judge of character. She has been an amazing mentor, supervisor, co-worker and friend. Jill is very honest, objective, compassionate and understanding. I respect Jill for the fact that she has operated with transparency and demonstrates a strong sense of commitment to the communities she serves. She has taught me to treat the scenes, families and bodies of the deceased with the same respect I would show my own family. Her approach and mentoring ensured that I deliver nothing less than excellence in my approach to medico-legal death investigations. I am very confident that she is not only the BEST choice for Coroner but also the RIGHT choice given all of her relevant experience. She is seated to elevate the office of Douglas County Coroner to a national level while continuing to preserve its tradition of excellence. I fully pledge my support for Jill’s candidacy. ”

John Pielow ABMDI Investigator, Supervisor Minneapolis Police Department

I worked FOR Jill for 12 years as a ABMDI death investigator and her knowledge and compassion always amazed me. I also worked WITH Jill as a street supervisor with the Minneapolis, Mn. Police Department and her expertise at scenes was always noted and appreciated. At that time she was the lead Death Investigator with Hennepin County. Voters in Douglas County will not find a better Coroner or person!!!!

Susan J. Roe M.D. Forensic Pathologist Deputy Medical Examiner Houston, TX

“Jill Romann is superbly qualified to be Coroner. I worked with Jill Romann for ten years. She has a degree in mortuary science, is board certified by the American Board of Medicolegal Investigators and has extensive supervisory experience. Jill Romann will be a compassionate and effective coroner. She is skilled at death investigation, works well with other investigating agencies and is very caring when working with families at some of their most difficult times. Please vote for Jill Romann for Coroner.”

Lisa Robinson

“I have known Jill for over eight years and worked closely with her for four of those years.  Jill has what it takes to do a great job for Douglas County.  She was the senior investigator when my father died and my now widowed mother cannot say enough good about her our family was treated by Jill.  She has compassion, knowledge of what the next steps are, and is able to convey them to grieving families.  I have visited Jill in her present position at Douglas County and got a sense that she really enjoys working and living in Castle Rock, Colorado.   Jill will do her best for the people.”

Jeanne Rueter Administrative Coordinator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office

“I worked with Jill Romann for approximately 25 years.  I was the Administrative Coordinator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office and worked hand in hand with her on a daily basis.  She was always very caring and compassionate when working with families.  Her knowledge of the workings of the Coroner’s system was excellent.  Please vote for Jill Romann as Coroner.”

Ed Shepard Death Investigator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office

“Jill hired me over 9 yrs ago as a death investigator at the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiners Office. I was a retired police sgt w/ a crime scene background, but no medical background. During the course of my employment Jill provided the resources in which to learn the job. In addition her expertise in the field guided me into a fulfilling career. She not only has vast knowledge, but has a great passion for families as they grieved the loss of loved ones. As Douglas County Coroner she would be fair and give the public her unbiased reporting of deaths.”

 Brandon Romann

“My mom is the strongest, most loyal and devout person I know. Everything good in me I learned from my mother. She is caring, attentive, honest and passionate, everything any professional should be.”


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